The Scarlet Centre


We are very sad to announce that Eaves’ London based drop-in advice centre, the Scarlet Centre closed on 31st March 2013 due to loss of funding. However, we are pleased to say that several of our frontline support services will continue to run independently of the centre. See below for more information.

Over the last four years the Scarlet Centre has been open to women in London aged 18+ who have experienced any form of violence. The Scarlet Centre is a unique service as it provides a safe space where women’s varied needs could be met in one place. Scarlet Centre staff, counsellors and volunteers deliver a complete package of services designed to promote recovery and independence, from crisis support, to assistance with housing, to education and back-to-work schemes.

Since opening the centre in 2009, Eaves’ Scarlet Centre has empowered over 6,000 women to recover and regain independence through providing counselling, peer support, one-to-one advice and support, skill building workshops, therapeutic support, advocacy, housing advice, access to education and employment, creative outlets and a free library of resources and computer access.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the service and made these successes possible. If you have any queries about how any regular gift to Scarlet will be used in light of these changes in services, please contact Zoe at

Quotes from women who accessed Eaves’ Scarlet Centre:

“I found refuge, support and care in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.”

“Staff were consistent, patient, caring, encouraging and respectful.”

“Very helpful people who are attentive to me – I like the place, it’s welcoming, busy and friendly.”

“I found my case worker to be a very caring and empathic individual who gave me more information than any other organisation that I have approached for my current circumstances.”

“You have done a brilliant job!”

Continuation of services

Although the drop-in centre will be closing, Eaves is committed to providing innovative services for women who have experienced violence. With that in mind, we will continue to run the following services out of Eaves’ head office in South London. Our services

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