Volunteering for Eaves

Much of Eaves work would be impossible without the assistance of our hardworking and talented volunteers. We appreciate how much our volunteers strengthen the charity and as such, place a high value on the contributions they make.

Our volunteers fulfil a variety of roles at Eaves including administration and research positions as well as direct work with service users.

News & views

To the very generous woman who donated her jewellery

9th June 2014

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you for your donation. We will hold onto it for six months before we a… read more

Women who are trafficked face a double injustice

10th April 2014

We would like to tell you that their journey to justice is a straightforward one. We can’t. For a woman who… read more

Our success stories

Molly, 38 from London

3rd May 2012

Molly* says… “When I was 38, I was raped and beaten by my boyfriend. He turned my life upside down and it… read more