“Women who are victims of violence, exploitation and trafficking are often hard to help, Eaves stands up for the most marginalised and discriminated-against women, and by being trustworthy supporters they enable those women to begin to take control of their lives in a positive way. But it’s not just the help they provide to individuals – Eaves brings the cases and the policy together through their research so politicians and decision-makers are confronted by the stories and the facts that should change outcomes. Sadly, too often, that doesn’t happen but Eaves persists. Society would be poorer without their persistence.”

Fiona Mactaggart; Member of Parliament for Slough

“I value Eaves’ expertise in research on women migrants. Eaves makes an important contribution both to the lives of women suffering violence and to the women’s sector.”

Hiranthi Jayaweera; Research Associate, School of Anthropology, University of Oxford

“Eaves is a tenacious and formidable partner in the fight to ensure that the state is held to account in upholding and enforcing women’s right to safety and justice.”

Anne-Marie Hutchinson; OBE solicitor, Dawson Cornwell

“Eaves has consistently provided vital support to women experiencing many forms of violence and abuse. Eaves provides valuable expertise on a wide range of issues including prostitution, trafficking and working with women with no recourse to public funds. Eaves is not afraid to raise difficult issues in striving to create a world free from violence and abuse.”

Yasmin Rehman, Women’s Rights Activist

“The Eaves project not only shines a light on the extent and cost of violence towards women, but also provides invaluable support to women in breaking the cycle of violence.”

Matthew Evans; Director, The AIRE Centre

“Eaves is a fighting organisation that stands up for the rights of women, particularly those marginalised and disregarded by the powers that be. Its work is invaluable especially at a time of cutbacks to key services, with women bearing the brunt of the attack.“

Sarah Ricca; Partner Solicitor, Deighton Pierce Glynn

“Eaves is unusual in that, as well as frontline work and policy and advocacy, they also strive for excellence in gathering a reliable evidence base. Their work in partnership with universities means that women’s experiences of violence and abuse are given the voice, reach and credibility they deserve.”

Helen Easton; Course Director, Law and Social Sciences Department, London Southbank University

“Eaves provides an incredibly valuable service supporting and advocating for women who have been victims of trafficking. They do their best to hold public authorities to account, seeking out the best remedies for the women they work with”

Nogah Ofer; Solicitor, Bhatt Murphy Solicitors

“Eaves is a key member of the CPS Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) External Consultation Group which was set up to help further ensure effective VAWG prosecutions. Eaves effectively represent the views of the women they support and their advice to the CPS is constructive, highly informed and incredibly valuable.”

CPS Violence against Women Strategy Group

“Eaves is a vital partner in standing up for the rights of lesbian women.”

Paul Dillane; Executive Director, UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group

“Eaves is an important partner in the women’s rights movement. I especially value Eaves’ expertise on the subject of domestic violence and No Recourse to Public Funds.”

Halliki Voolma; PhD candidate and Gates Cambridge Scholar, University of Cambridge