Support & networking

The Sexual Violence Action and Awareness Network, or SVAAN, was a group of organisations working with women and girls who have experienced sexual violence run by Eaves. Members ranged from rape crisis services, researchers and self defence training groups, to lobbying groups and sexual assault referral centres. The group held bi-monthly meetings where members discussed their work, networked and got the latest information on new opportunities, legislative developments and updates, and planned future work. SVAAN also provided a monthly email update with topical issues, sexual violence training events, funding information, and parliamentary updates. The network also gave smaller organisations a chance to feed into Government consultations easily, and all groups a chance to share expertise, raise concerns, and get involved in lobbying work.

The group began in 2003 as a support network for the voluntary sector and welcomed statutory members in 2007. Funding for SVAAN ended in March 2013.