Interviews with our staff

Eaves can provide staff comments and interviews for pieces which assist in furthering knowledge or understanding of our work and the issues surrounding violence against women and girls.

Before agreeing to an interview request, we will need to know the following information. This will also help us to direct your request to the most appropriate member of staff:

  • Where the piece has been commissioned
  • What the piece is about, including your angle
  • What you need from us
  • Your deadline
  • If any other organisations are involved in the piece

Because we have very few resources, we generally do not have the capacity to participate in interviews with students or researchers.

If you have a query about an aspect of violence against women or our work, you may find the information you need on our website:

You may also like to attend one of our training sessions.

If you still have questions, please contact Eaves’ press office at [email protected].

Our success stories

Sarah, 19 from UK

30th July 2014

When I was 15 I had to leave home as things were very difficult. I used to sneak into my friends’ houses an… read more

Sylvia, 47 from Uganda

30th July 2014

My name is Sylvia and I used to work as a school teacher in Uganda.* For over 14 years my husband abused me. … read more