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Friday 13th April 2012

Interviews with service users

Eaves supports women who have experienced violence, including domestic violence, sexual violence, prostitution, trafficking and homelessness.

Our support comes at the point of crisis, which means that women who use our services are very often deeply traumatised by their experiences. Consequently, very few of them are willing to speak with journalists about their experiences.

Please note: due to staffing constraints we are not able to grant interview requests to students or to researchers.

Interviews with staff

Eaves can provide staff comments and interviews for pieces which assist in furthering knowledge or understanding of our work and the issues surrounding violence against women and girls.

Out of hours press enquiries

Eaves does not operate an out-of-hours press service. Journalists are asked not to call the out-of-hours support helpline; this is an emergency line for women in crisis, and comments cannot be obtained this way.

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