Man Group Charitable Trust awards £300,000 to Eaves’ Poppy Project

Leading alternative investment management business, Man Group, has shown its commitment to supporting victims of trafficking by pledging the remarkable sum of £300,000 to the Poppy Project over three years.

Chief Executive, Denise Marshall says…

“Eaves is delighted and humbled by the generosity of Man Group. In pledging this commitment to Eaves’ Poppy Project, Man Group is demonstrating that they understand the need for a quality based, specialist service for victims of trafficking.

“It’s so important to put the victim at the centre of the UK’s response to human trafficking and it’s great that Man Group recognise the benefits that this has not only on the victims, but on society and the economy too. When you provide the right care, victims feel more secure to help the police with their investigations to catch these criminals who also commit many other crimes besides trafficking such as fraud, money laundering, theft, arms dealing etc. With specialist support not only can victims feel safe enough to assist the police in making the UK a hostile place for these criminals, but we can also empower the victims to contribute to society when they have come to terms with the awful things that have happened to them.

“We still have a lot of work to do in order to sustain our funding, but with the support of our donors and organisations like Man Group we have every confidence that Poppy will grow to support more and more women and their children”.

Many of the women who are supported by Poppy also expressed their gratitude to Man Group, “Before I met Poppy I felt locked up in a shell. I couldn’t come out until I met Poppy and now I can make positive changes and have a bright future. Thank you so much for your support.” Rosemary* from Nigeria.

Eaves is still looking for more funding opportunities to sustain our work in supporting victims of trafficking. For more information please call the fundraising team on 020 7840 7126 or e-mail [email protected]

*Not her real name

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