Where your money goes

£5 can pay for food for a woman and her child who have just escaped violence and have no money

£7 can pay for a travel card so a woman can visit her solicitor, attend a key work session or go to one of our workshops

£10 could buy a new SIM card and credit for a woman needing to change her phone number for safety reasons

£13 can pay for a starter pack (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, deodorant, towel, etc) for a woman when she escapes and comes to one of Eaves’ services

£35 can pay for subsistence money for a survivor of trafficking for one week

£120 can pay for a woman who has experienced sexual violence, domestic violence or trafficking to attend a 6 week group therapy course

£200 can pay for one week’s emergency accommodation for a woman who is waiting for a room in a refuge

£1,820 can pay for counselling services for one year so a woman can begin to overcome the trauma she has experienced

£50,000 will cover the costs, including expenses, for a support worker in any of our services to provide direct support to women who have experienced violence. For example, this could be a support worker for Poppy.

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