Eaves' Poppy Project Christmas Appeal 2013

Sylvia, Uganda

Sylvia was trafficked into the UK and forced into prostitution. Hundreds of women like her come to us for help each year. But we can’t do it without you.

This Christmas, we are asking you to give a gift of just £24 so that a woman who has been trafficked and is living in fear will receive a one to one session with one of our specialist workers.

Read about Sylvia’s experience of being trafficked here and find out exactly why women like her need your support.

With your support a woman can work through a whole range of practical and emotional issues so she can start her journey to recovery.

We aim to raise 10,000 so that we can give over 415 hours of support to women.

So please donate today and help women like Sylvia get their lives back.

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Eaves' Poppy Project Christmas Appeal 2013

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