How we can help you

Our services can help you if you have experienced or are at risk of any form of violence. For example:

  • You are having trouble with a partner
    For example if he/she is telling you what you can or can’t do
  • You feel pressured into having sex with anybody
    Remember that nobody has the right to force you into sex, including your partner
  • You feel afraid that someone is going to hurt you
    For example, someone is following you around, or your parents are talking about arranging a marriage for you without your permission
  • You are homeless or worried about your housing situation
    For example, you are sleeping on the streets, or on a friend’s sofa
  • You are experiencing domestic or sexual violence or abuse, or have been harmed in the past
    For example, rape, harassment or domestic violence from a stranger, partner, friend or family member
  • Someone is threatening to hurt your family if you don’t do something for them
    For example, have sex with them or work for free
  • You are exchanging sex or sexual acts for something you need, and would like some support
    For example, food, accommodation or drugs

We can offer you housing advice, the chance to learn new skills, education and employment opportunities, support, and link you in with other organisations that can also help you.

Call Eaves on 0207 735 2062 to speak to someone, between 9.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Our success stories

Molly, 38 from London

3rd May 2012

Molly* says… “When I was 38, I was raped and beaten by my boyfriend. He turned my life upside down and it… read more