Soap and Glory

Corporate case study


Victoria Montrasio, Global Sales And Marketing Director

Our needs

Soap and Glory started working with us by donating beauty products to the women who use our services, so they could have a gift when they attended workshops. After a few successful deliveries, Victoria told us that they wanted to help us further, but in a more involved way. Thus was born the Soap and Glory Beauty School Scholarship, on which two service users won a place in the inaugural year. This provides a fantastic opportunity for our service users to learn skills and develop a career, to help them live independently.

Victoria says…

“Soap and Glory is working with Eaves in a number of different ways, from donating products to raising money from in-house sample sales. We’re also looking to run workshops on topics like CV writing and preparing for interviews.

“Our biggest activity so far has been the Eaves/Soap & Glory Beauty School Scholarship. Our founder Marcia Kilgore went to beauty school and has become really successful, so we thought it would be fitting to provide two beauty school bursaries to Eaves’ service users. Once they have completed the course they will obtain an internationally recognised diploma in Beauty Specialist Techniques.

“We’ve chosen to work with Eaves because we have a lot of admiration for their work with vulnerable women. As a female focused beauty brand, concerned with helping women look and feel better, it makes sense for us to work with a charity that helps women in a multitude of ways, giving them hope and support and encouraging them to turn their lives around for the better.

“The Eaves team is resourceful, enthusiastic and full of ideas for how we can help. Working on the scholarship is a completely new challenge for us and it’s been really easy to set things up. We are excited to see what we can do together in the future.

“It’s very rewarding for Soap and Glory to be working with Eaves as it’s an opportunity to give back. We live in a world full of bubbly beauty products and our work with Eaves helps to put things into perspective. I would definitely encourage other individuals and organisations to work with Eaves. Go for it!”

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