Nisan Zerai Kesete, Best Practice Development Officer

Eaves' Research and Development

Nisan says…

“My role in the research and development department is to work on the development of the women’s sector as a whole. I do this by carrying out research, organising training and seminars, and attending and setting up meetings with various organisations.

“I coordinate the Sexual Violence Action and Awareness Network, which brings together many organisations (mainly London based) that support women to discuss what we are seeing within our separate organisations in addition to what is happening in terms of policy, legislation, funding etc, and how everything is impacting on the women that we support. We then use this information to inform change either at a local or national level. By working in partnership, we are able to create one big voice instead of lots of little ones, which means that the initiatives that we come up with and our recommendations on policy and legislation are stronger and more likely to be heard.

“The team also responds to Government consultations and helps other organisations to respond to them too; this is our opportunity to highlight how Government proposals will either positively or negatively impact on women and girls. Last year alone we responded to 18 consultations on various issues– some of which are hundreds of pages long.

“Furthermore, I write a weekly newsletter about violence against women in the UK and abroad called Women’s Weekly News, which goes out to over 1,000 readers.

“In the current funding climate, the research and development function is often overlooked in preference of front line support, but it’s actually more important than ever. With all the cuts, there needs to be a voice telling the Government how they are affecting women and girls, and how a lack of funding will leave women in even more
vulnerable situations.”


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