Thank You

A letter of thanks for a woman supported by Eaves’ Poppy Project

“Dear Eaves,

I want to thank your organisation from my heart as you support and help people who really need help. I want to say that I can remember very well where I have been and where I am now; I was homeless with no money and no psychological support and these are things that are so important for me and my health.

Before I was feeling so lost and alone without anyone around me and you were there to support me and you were like more than family to me. You were like a sun putting light on my life. You have done that for me so that I can move forward.

You gave me support to get accommodation, education, you gave me practical and emotional support and most importantly for me access to a psychologist and a physiotherapist. A special thank you to my support worker in Eaves’ Poppy Project for helping me step by step.

My sincere thanks,


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