Conferences & training

Exiting Prostitution Good Practice Workshop

Eaves runs workshops for borough-level statutory agencies and voluntary service providers who focus on prostitution. The aim is to equip attendees to assist individuals who want to leave prostitution through facilitating access to appropriate services. Training costs £150 (statutory agencies) or £110 (voluntary agencies) and runs over two days.

2014 training dates:
Wednesday 26th February (half day) and Thursday 27th February.

We also offer in-house training to organisations or multi agency groups. For more information or to book a place on the February training contact Lisa Young.

Understanding trafficking

Eaves provides bespoke training packages on identifying and supporting victims of trafficking to both statutory and non-statutory agencies. Tailor-made training packages can be provided from half a day to 2 days, depending on the needs of the agency/organisation. Eaves Poppy Project has been providing training on trafficking for over 10 years. In 2013 Poppy was commissioned by the Home Office to design and deliver training tailored specifically to frontline professionals. This training was designed specifically for law enforcement, prison and probation teams and health professionals. Feedback for the training was very positive with, 100% of attendees at all levels finding the training useful, 100% reporting an increased awareness of trafficking and 100% feeling better equipped to respond to potential victims of trafficking.

Eaves Poppy Project has delivered numerous training sessions to charities and NGOs working on issues of violence against women, criminal justice, migration and asylum and has designed training packages for Local Authorities. The training is CPD accredited.

For training enquiries contact Sally Montier on 020 7840 7149 or at [email protected].

Prostitution consultancy work

Eaves can help local authorities save money by creating cost-effective solutions for women in prostitution in your borough. This includes helping more women in your borough to exit prostitution and lead independent, fulfilled lives; developing a workable and effective strategy for tackling prostitution; and training your staff to fully under¬stand the reasons behind women’s involvement in prostitution. Read more.