What is violence against women?

The United Nations defines violence against women as a type of violence which a woman experiences because she is a woman, or a type of violence which women are more likely to experience than men.

This includes rape and sexual assault, domestic violence, forced marriage, ‘honour’-based crimes, female genital mutilation and stalking – all of which are much more likely to happen to women.

Violence may be physical, psychological, or sexual, or a combination of all three. Deprivation or neglect can also be part of the experience.

Like many women’s organisations, Eaves works to this definition.

The cost of violence against women

Apart from the very obvious human cost, research shows that the cost of violence against women to the economy is also extremely high.

Researchers estimate that:

  • Violence against women costs society £40bn per annum
  • Violence against women costs London £5bn per annum
  • Domestic violence in England & Wales costs £6bn per annum
  • Each rape costs society approximately £76,000 pounds

How to combat violence against women

Our experience shows us that women who have had experiences of violence need comprehensive, holistic support in order to recover fully. This means assisting women with every aspect of their experience, including access to housing, counselling, education and employment opportunities, parenting skills, confidence building and legal assistance or support, among other things.

Each of our projects works in this way.