Who we are

Eaves is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.

We provide support and associated services for women who have experienced violence to enable them to recover and regain independence.

A brief history

Eaves first opened its doors in 1977 under the name Homeless Action, after founders identified a vulnerable group in society; single, homeless women who had experienced violence of some kind, including domestic and sexual violence. For these women, there was little or no support.

Much has changed in the subsequent 30 years. In 1997 Homeless Action changed its name to ‘Eaves’ – to reflect our growing commitment to providing a complete range of support packages under one roof – and our work has grown exponentially since then.

Eaves now

Eaves now provides support, advocacy and accommodation to almost 3,000 vulnerable women per year who have experienced, or who are at risk of, violence.

Our aim is to give women their lives back; to make them independent, and give them the skills they need to take their rightful places back in society, contribute to the economy and the communities around them, and live happy, fulfilled lives.

Eaves also aims to ensure structural change in society, through lobbying, campaigning, research, capacity-building and awareness-raising.