London Exiting Advocacy

London Exiting Action - Support to Exit Prostitution

LEA caseworker talks about their work...

LEA works with women 18+ who are seeking to exit prostitution. It provides a non-judgemental service giving advice and assistance to women in London (Pan-London) who are involved in prostitution. The barriers to women exiting prostitution are many and complex. The advice and advocacy offered by LEA primarily revolves around accessing housing, welfare benefits, legal advice, drug and alcohol services and specialist counselling. It also supports women to access a range of workshops and opportunities which include employment training, education, volunteering and sustainable employment.

LEA will support women for around three months but often longer depending on their individual needs. The LEA advocate works closely alongside a woman so that she can develop a tailored plan ensuring that she can safely exit prostitution at her own pace. By providing high-quality service LEA aims to equip women with the skills, knowledge and confidence to exit prostitution successfully.

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