Benefits and your rights

If you are homeless, unemployed or on a low income, pregnant or with children, disabled, ill or injured, you may be entitled to benefits.

You can also visit the Government’s website, where you can find out who is entitled to benefits and how to claim.

If you are unsure of your rights, you can also contact the Citizens Advice Bureau at or on 0844 411 1444.


Councils are obliged to offer you free housing advice and information, and to help if you are ‘legally homeless’.

However, the amount of help you’ll get will depend on your circumstances, and whether or not you are a priority. You are more likely to be considered a priority (but are still not guaranteed anything) if:

  • You are pregnant
  • ‘Dependent children’ live with you – meaning children under the age of 16 or children under 19 when they are studying full-time
  • You’re ‘vulnerable‘ – for example, because of old age, a disability, or are at risk of violence and you would come to harm if left homeless
  • You’re homeless as a result of flood, fire or other disaster

Charities such as Shelter and Crisis can also offer you information about housing, homelessness and benefits. Visit or

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